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You’ve got to be kidding! Did somebody mix up the résumés?

Mitt Romney

Let’s face it: Never before in the history of our Republic has every opportunity been taken to trample upon our Constitution than under the Bush-Cheney regime. There is only one problem, and that problem is called “term limits”. Just when we thought that all bad things must eventually come to an end, Mitt Romney was ready to come to the rescue as part of a Republican ticket with John McCain! Under McCain and Romney,  Bush and Cheney would have their proxies to trample upon the 22nd Amendment, with a key role to be played by Mitt Romney (real name “Willard”, but you can call him “Political Opportunist” … take your pick), a shrewd businessman who knows how to get things done.

Sarah Palin

Enough of the sideshow. Mitt saved the Winter Olympics from disgrace.
Isn’t it time to rescue the sinking S.S. McCain?

A solid majority of Republican voters, as well as political odds-makers, believed that Mitt Romney was the key to maintaining control of the White House by the Republican party. The greatest fear was that, in a more cantankerous moment, John McCain might choose Tim Pawlenty, Tom Ridge, or even “Sleepy” Joe Lieberman as his running mate, but Sarah Palin? In an all-too-frequent moment of judgmental instability, John McCain chose an unknown moose hunter whose previous brush with fame was as the runner-up in a two-contestant Miss Alaska contest. It would have been nice for the delegates at the Republican National Convention to insist that common sense prevail by overriding Senator McCain’s selection, but they preferred to pick up their battle axes and chop holes into the hull of the Titanic.

Senator McCain, if you are really different than George Bush,
how about admitting that you made a mistake in judgment?

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Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse ...

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